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We connect with people, we have things that connect one place to another, or one thing to another…I liked this photo as two people spend time with each other and the covered bridge connects one location with another.DSC_0049


Writing 12: Share Outdoor Areas With Me!


The only way people will enjoy and protect an outdoor area is to get out in it and use it; however, I do draw the line on certain activities not being the best. Trails for hiking and mountain biking seem to do okay in the shared space, just as I enjoyed snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. But as soon as I hear and then see snowmobiles, dirt bikes or any motorized vehicle I will admit I become a bit crazy. It may be from a long-held memory and reaction when almost run over by a snowmobile while cross-country skiing!

I think it best to keep the quieter activities on one side of outdoor areas and the noisier, fast moving vehicles on another side…. horseback riders, you’ll have to tell me where you feel best. But for me, please protect our outdoor areas and let me enjoy it safely and in peace; this is all I ask!

Another Cup of Tea and Another Memory!

Let's recall another backpacking memory!

Let’s recall another backpacking memory!

Remember our winter Adirondack backpacking trip? Which one, you ask! Oh my gosh, we had some crazy times! How about the time we cross country skied in a few miles, set up a tent, cooked dinner on our backpacker stove, and relaxed in our sleeping bags while reading a magazine together. You held one side of the magazine while I held the other side, until our fingers were to cold and we would take a break. Once fingers warmed within our sleeping bag, we flipped the magazine page and read a new section. Tedious, but the way to do it that night since we had already read our own material other nights. Teamwork, always! Let’s have another cup of tea and recall another fun time!

Photo 101: Warm & Quality of Light


Sometimes I wait hours for the sun to lower in the sky, and I wonder what an area will look like as the sun sets. Will I capture the photograph I want…at least one good one possibly out of numerous photos taken! Maybe…I hope…patience!


Hikers at Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park.

Salton Sea, CA… What is its Future?


Last week I visited the Salton Sea, about one hour south of Palm Desert, CA. I had seen a Sunday Morning television program discussing the importance and the hopeful future of the Salton Sea, thus when I was in the area it was important for me to check it out.

My first stop along its water’s edge was at a campground that had a coastline a half mile long of seabirds comfortably landing, swimming, eating, and with no concern about the people watching them. Fortunately in many places there was greenery growing so we could hide behind and let the birds do their thing. (Interesting to see the various people watching the birds too…some photographers had amazing lenses on their cameras, but the reality is one simply needs to observe.)

birds at Salton Sea

Many birds land at the Salton Sea!

The Salton Sea is an important migratory flight path for the birds that travel north and south. Without this water the birds would not survive. They need the water, the tilapia (a fish that seems to do well in the salty water), algae and other food within the sea, and a place to land comfortably.

It is true the sea is getting smaller because there are three inlets and no water leaving by way of an outlet, but its water is evaporating. The sea is located in an area where air temperatures can easily reach 100 degrees plus in the summer, and in the winter it never gets cold….except at night when the sun goes down! Thus the water’s edge has been diminishing and you will see fish carcasses and skeletons when you walk closer to the water. Even though the water is 50% saltier than the Pacific Ocean it is only 1/3 the saltiness found in the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

You will find dead fish at Salton Sea.

You will find dead fish at Salton Sea.

Many people study the sea; many are passionate about its importance for birds; many are happy to be living almost off the grid in their small communities around the sea. Agricultural entities have produce grown and shipped around the world. I had never seen so much hay in my life….piled high with numerous trucks driving it out. There are also 11 geothermal plants using the energy from deep within the earth.

An alternative energy: geothermal...making use of the earth's heat from deep within.

An alternative energy: geothermal…making use of the earth’s heat from deep within.

I spent all day driving the entire distance around the sea, with the first stop being the best to see the birds. There are excellent educational exhibits and films to see so one can learn more about the sea, its future, and to talk with people who care about it. If you have a day to visit the Salton Sea, consider a visit!