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Final Day of Bicycling in Oregon!


Today had perfect bicycling weather and what I had actually hoped for the entire trip, but a heat wave and truly unfortunate wildfires were here instead. Oh well, such is nature!
We had 2 excellent, Bicycle Adventure, guides: Kurt and Renee, and a pleasant small group of fellow bicyclists so I think we all felt very well cared for! I would recommend this company to any interested bicyclist!
I bicycled 30 miles of rolling countryside hills and took the support van 10 miles to avoid highway time. I wanted to finish my ride with a mellow biking feeling, so it was a perfect day. Well actually the lunch and 2 wineries I stopped in certainly helped too! While we waited for others we visited Brandborg Winery and then after lunch with everyone we visited River's Edge Winery. (Will have to do their wine trail through the state some year, and no doubt it will be by car!)
Final goodbyes to our fellow bicyclists and guides, and now to organize our stuff for flights home tomorrow!

Leaving Crater Lake in the Smoke!


As any traveler knows, a plan may need a modification. And so it was today! The smoke from the wildfire 5 miles away last night from our room at the lodge was now a fire 1/4 mile from a section of the west rim drive at Crater Lake National Park; therefore, we could not bicycle that road. So instead we drove the east rim and hopped on our bicycles still allowing us a wonderful day. The bicycle ride was a combination of time on a road and bike trail which also was hosting a running relay race. There was lots to view: mountains, wildflowers, lakes, trail runners and other bicyclists, kayakers on the lake waving back to me, and I only made one wrong turn….but soon got me back to where I was supposed to be!
About 16 miles later we had a support stop and an additional 14 miles down the road was lunch at Watson Falls. As always, delicious lunch, then hike to the waterfalls, and a couple of riders in our group did the final 14 miles.
We had been bicycling by the Umpqua River and at one stop during our ride to Roseburg, tonight's destination, we checked out the "colliding rivers". I think it is the Little River that collides with the Umpqua River depending upon water levels from heavy snow and rain. It was a popular swimming area today as the temperature was above 90 degrees!
Right now we are relaxing in Roseburg especially after a hot shower and cooling in air conditioning with smoke-free air! This is our final night and dinner with our Bicycle Adventures group. Trip time has gone quickly! It has been fun!

Waterfall Study on Where We See Ourselves in a Moment of Time


Ever notice how we sometimes see individual water drops at a waterfall and other times the water is  flowing smoothly? How is it there are times we notice the parts of a whole and other times we simply accept the whole? We can allow ourselves to get caught in the droplets or we can choose to go with the flow, maybe even dependent on a situation. What will today bring for you?

Caught in the Droplets

Going with the Flow

Crater Lake National Park


I learned new information about Crater Lake National Park today via a trolley tour around the 33 mile rim drive and a ranger speaking about all aspects of this park which became our 6th national park in 1906. Thank goodness stewards of our planet designated places then for us to see today, despite the unusually high air temperature and the smoke-filled sky due to 2 wildfires. One fire is in the park, the other outside of it.
Now back from our tour and having just enjoyed lunch at the lodge, I am hoping wifi can allow me to download some photos of Wizard Island, beige-colored rock columns at Pumice Castle, Vidae Falls and 2 other points of interest: Lady of the Lake and Phantom Ship.
Lady of the Lake is a white spot in one photo and with this lake's water so clear you can see the tree top as the white spot and the trunk below the water's surface. Phantom Ship was actually one of the earliest eruptions of many, many eruptions on this 12,000 foot mountain, now referred to as Mount Mazama. Amazingly so much volcanic action happened in the area, there was nothing left under the summit so it collapsed and with many years of rain and snowfall a lake is here. I am sure to learn more geology at the 2 ranger talks I will get to before the day ends.

To Crater Lake National Park Today!


We left Bend's McMenamins Hotel, very cool place, and were shuttled to Dutchman Flat. We hopped on our bikes and biked 28 miles to Crane Prairie Reservoir for lunch. That was a beautiful place to have lunch and temperatures are still warm!
After a 2.5 hour shuttle to just outside Crater Lake entrance a few people got out to ride into the park and at the next van support spot only one person plus one guide rode to the crater's edge. Between 90 degree temperature, going to 7,000 feet, some of us decided we could wait and do this last section tomorrow when we ride the rim….if we choose that challenge.
A wildfire outside of the park grew from 200 acres to 1400 acres in a days time so the sunset was colorful! Delicious dinner tonight and now time to relax as we have a full day tomorrow; just wish it was not so hot!

Layover Day in Bend, OR


Walking along the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon you quickly discover active people in this town: walkers, paddle boarders, runners, bicyclists on 2 or 3 wheeled bikes or recumbents, and many baby strollers being pushed along by mom or dad. It was fascinating to watch the butterflies, birds, especially the mallard ducks and Canadian geese in the water or on the freshly-cut grass. In the photos below, you will notice in the distance the Sisters, actually 3 mountains each with snow on them!
I did not go to Smith Rock State Park with the others today, but someday when I return to Bend I will check it out! This is another high temperature day, 100 degrees, very unusual for this area!