Tucson Rodeo Days…Have You Stopped By?


Tucson Arizona is a destination for many people in February and a perfect time for the weeklong Tucson Rodeo Days. On the first Sunday, I planned to attend the rodeo. With dark clouds all around, I checked to see if the rodeo ever cancels … nope! So off I went with friends and we watched the various junior and professional riders, while we also saw rain falling in the distance. Amazingly, it did not rain on the rodeo. I was glad because I could watch the bronco-riding pros hold on to their horse for eight-seconds!  It may seem a short amount of time, yet it is not when you are watching these riders bouncing around in the air! Many times I found myself holding my breath till they were off the horse.

I also attended the parade which is a time when the community comes out to enjoy the sunshine, food, bands, and floats representing area restaurants, organizations, etc. People line the road with their chairs, snacks, water, blankets for those in the shade, cowboy hats for those in the sun, and energetic applause as different parade participants walk by. All is non-motorized so you see plenty of horses.

Lasso work!

Lasso work!


Beautiful horses.

All branches of the military.

All branches of the military.

Floats with characters.

Floats with characters.

Cowboy hats and boots sold here!

Cowboy hats and boots sold here!


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