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Tennis…a Lifetime Sport!


I love tennis! I play tennis on 18+, 40+ and 55+ teams and love every aspect of the sport…or maybe not when I am playing singles. Wow, I need to remember to hit within the singles lines on the court, realize no partner is there to get the beautifully angled shots coming back on my side of the court, no one to help collect the stray balls, and no one to talk with or calm down with after a loss of point or game. I do love doubles though, especially when playing with a partner who seems to have good court sense while we both construct a point together! And sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose, but it is all good while we remind ourselves of the great opportunity we have in even playing the game!

I also love seeing people of all ages playing. It is truly a lifetime sport and we find people to play with who are usually at our playing level. In a tennis town that is easy to accomplish. Children can now play with racquets, tennis balls and courts more in lie with what’s appropriate for their age and skill level. I think that will motivate the children to continue with tennis as they move on to larger racquets, different balls, and larger courts.

I also love watching high caliber players on television. The Australian Open had so many fantastic matches that I was glued to the tv watching them…thankfully I could DVR them and not be up at the very early morning hours to watch them live.  Wasn’t it wonderful seeing Serena and Venus competing against each other again? Both have done so much for women tennis. Then too to watch Rafa and Roger! While we may wonder how much longer they each will be playing on the BIG stages of these grand slams, their reality I believe is that they will play long after the big slams…it is that type of sport…for a lifetime! Will I see you on the court? Hope so!

Roger won the Australian Open!

Roger won the Australian Open!

There had to be a winner, yet both Rafa and Roger played so well!

There had to be a winner, yet both Rafa and Roger played so well!


My Return to Mountain Bicycling



There are only a few places where I ABSOLUTELY need to be focused and mountain bicycling is one of them! This trail was a bit sandy, yet I was headed for a huge dip and a need to step on the pedals hard to come up the other side. The good news, I made it!

You see the cacti on the left in this picture? Even when they are at arms length from you they have  a way of jumping into the path. I needed to wiggle my bike tires around them since I was in no mood to change a flat tire. I know mountain biking in the desert has its challenges, but especially when the cholla cacti attack with their barbed spines into your skin. Fortunately it was not me who had the cholla attack, but I was there to help my friend who had a cholla hanging on the backside of her arm! With a comb I could pull the cacti off and with my fingers pull the remaining spines. Do not brush up near these cacti!

Ride on! We are still having fun! This is my retirement!



AZ Landscape


I thought I was taking a long hike today, but the creek was swollen with water so I could not get across it! Well I did not feel like having wet feet, nor were there any rocks I could walk across the creek. Next plan: while I was happy to see the water, I spent time looking around the area at things I usually walk quickly past. It also allowed me to take time with my camera. Another good day; hope you had a good one too. Being outdoors and in sunlight relaxes the body and mind. Be sure to give it a try!

Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson

So many cacti varieties!

So many cacti varieties!

Team Spirit and Wine!


I spend many minutes, maybe I should say hours, on the tennis court playing with various people; however, we truly spend little time getting to know each other. So when the opportunity came to have a group wine tasting trip to an area south of Tucson, I was in! I will be the first to admit I have not met an Arizona wine I like… and my opinion does remain the same. But I had a good time with team members; that was the important part to get to know them better and have fun.

Photos below are brought to you by a team member, thank you! Looking forward to a good season on the court! Sonoran Tasting Tours was great in providing transportation, lunch and getting us to the three wineries safely.



Wonder What He’s Thinking?



Photography is my new goal…or maybe not so new, continued goal…I keep hoping it takes a lifetime to learn…just like tennis is a lifetime sport! Anyway, I like photos that are not the usual. I wonder what this guy is thinking?


Am I done for the day? Am I really ready to ride home on my bicycle with my surfboard? That ship really should not come any closer! Are the waves getting bigger or is that my imagination? Did I really need my full wetsuit today? Is it really necessary to be on my way or do I have another place to stop? Hmmm…

I know this guy had a great day! Did you? I did!

Women’s March in Tucson, AZ


It’s been a long time since I have marched for a cause, but the latest political climate prompted me to march in Tucson, Arizona. Short of 15,000 people marched the streets here with varying messages on signs and people leading loud chants. It was wonderful to see so many marches also around the nation and world! But today was only a first step in sending a message to all our state and national representatives and senators, cabinet members, Vice President and President. 
It is time also to read petitions and sign those you can support. Check into this site: and stay involved! 

Today was a start of a possible new normal with more marches needed, along with phone calls to appropriate leaders not doing their job for us, citizens of America! We cannot standby and do nothing; choose one issue you care about and be sure it really is being handled as you want. And if it is not, then get involved too! We all need to do our part, even if a small part! All of us together makes us stronger.

March on all! Do your part!

New City, New People, New Activity


What I discovered about myself is that I truly do get tired of the same old, same old. I think that was why the various jobs I had in my life were fulfilling! Teaching, I dictated the activity in my classroom; administratively every moment was dictated by the circumstances within the school; personal training and teaching tennis allowed me to meet the needs of my client(s); hiking guide enjoyed nature through rain, snow, or sun and made sure clients were safe; and travel, especially when solo, necessitated me to be on my toes!

And now I am in a new city, meeting new people, and enjoying new activities all allowing me to be on my toes, and I love it! I know this does not come easily to everyone, yet I am okay with it all. It energizes me! It is not the same old stuff! I hope others have opportunities to shake their life up every so often as I think it more importantly makes one respect and appreciate all that is in ones day. It is amazing and should not be taken for granted.

Road bicycling in Tucson is a big deal. With more than 130 miles of dedicated bike paths and many more roads with bike lanes, I have increased my bicycling time and enjoy it. Around the city there are different places to see. There is what is called the “Bicyclist Church” and always a good time to remember to wear a helmet and bright colored clothing, bike ride with traffic, be a defensive rider, remember your nutrition and hydration needs, wear sunglasses and sunscreen, and be respectful of others on the road, trail, or path. I’ll see you here on a bike!

Biker Church

Biker Church in Tucson