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Writing 10: what a sight!


image There is a beautiful national seashore in this area. Lots of green trees and shrubs, a variety of colorful wildflowers, and swampy dark-colored waters. Hikers, mountain bikers, people on horses can share the area with me today, but it is this crab that my focus concentrates on as it sits on a barnacled rock.

I think it’s cute, and if crab “looks” we’re on a scale of 1 to 10, maybe even a 10! It is colorful, and does not side step away as I slowly approach and have a seat on another barnacled rock. It has dark legs and also reddish colored claws. I think one of his eyeballs is looking at me, yet when I wave a hand nearby there is no blink!

I could have focused on a wildflower, but there were many. And so this crab, which there were many to, caught my attention. Don’t you think it is cute?


Writing 9: writing and not writing…


I write to express my thoughts, note observations, send a message to another, or just to see the magic that can happen with words on a page. There are times I write each day and other times I will not write for awhile. And when that break happens I seem to notice it is because I was so busy with other activities. The up-side though is there are things then to write about! The mountain biking, hiking, visiting a new place, seeing friends in their hometown, etc. You’ll not see that writing always appearing on Facebook, but the writing does happen. (Nothing against Facebook, but it is not my diary.)

I do not need to do anything everyday….except eat, sleep and be happy …. and maybe a puzzle or two, physical activity, and one of my flash writing times. Reading helps my writing. Taking photos and closely observing what goes on around me helps my writing. Talking with various opinionated people helps my writing. And all these additional things in my day simply makes my life interesting! So, writing is a piece of my life to be done while I have time and to return to after a break. It’s all good!


A Letter to Leaders….


Dear Leaders,

Yes, you as the leader of a family, team, environmental group, political group, school, church, or whatever organization you are a part of and designated leader, please read on. I simply want you as a leader to meet your responsibilities in a timely fashion, within budget, with concern for the people who look to you as their leader, and with justice.

I am tired, unimpressed, worried that our institutions are becoming out-dated, old, bankrupt, and with no concern for fellow man and woman. Our world needs leaders motivating others to operate at their fullest potential. Are you doing that?

Money is not the answer. Leaders need to create a work space that is healthy, supportive, fair, and with a vision so all know why it is important to support the organization you are leading. Happiness and inner fulfillment reap big dividends.

Leaders, go to work and work! Leaders, make decisions that will keep your organization fiscally responsible. Leaders, care for your people as though they are family…in a broad sense they really are! Leaders, be fair to all and when you seem to find it difficult, imagine you are walking in that person’s shoes!

Leaders, I applaud those who do the work at the highest level it can be done. Thank you!


A member of some wonderful teams with super leaders.

Social Media to Inspire a Post Idea?


Oh come on now! Wherever we turn we are bombarded by social media…television and radio talk hosts, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Yes, they could inspire a post idea; however, I flash-write my 15 minute writings in a notebook and spare the world from those writings in my blog. I hope I am doing the world a favor, yet there are others who feel we need to know every thought they have. Not me! Save your thought. Instead, sit down and string a few thoughts together into a full conversation with more than “x” number of characters.

But since this is a writing assignment, here goes. A Tweet from BluMarTen: “In our universe a star explodes and dies every second and there’s you, worrying about work tomorrow.” Okay, that tweet has a fighting chance for me to consider it respectable. It is sort of up there with don’t sweat the small stuff…easier to remember and just as important. Inspired? Glad to know, let’s talk…


Where Do I Write…


Today’s writing challenge is two-fold: 1. where do I write, and 2. create a contact form asking people to suggest what I should write about at an upcoming writing challenge. Hmmm….

I write most often while traveling. That is matter-of-fact, tell it like it is, what happened today sort of writing in blog format so my family knows what I accomplished each day, along with some photos. It is sort of a diary that is especially helpful as I revisit notes after the trip.

My other form of writing is whatever I can write in about 15 minutes in response to something I heard on the news, or any annoying factor in my life, or a unique thought I have and I just want to write about it so all can become more clear in my own mind. I accomplish this flash-writing in various places and often have notebooks in different locations to write….and always with a smooth flowing pen!

My writing goal however is to write a book about each major trip I have taken so my niece, nephews, and great niece know something about me years from now when they may be curious who their aunt happened to be. But for now, they can read the travel blogs while I am out on the road.

Okay, so here is part two of today’s assignment… Maybe you would be interested in some particular thing for me to write about in an upcoming assignment I may have two weeks from now? I am looking for your suggestion. I have thoughts about everything so please do not hesitate to offer an idea. I am not sure what the assignment will be; however, please fill out the

and give me an idea of what you may be interested in having me write about….thanks!

Seeing a sign like this one could easily be something I can write about, think about, and hope that others care about its message……you too can write, take the time….


Grand Canyon Plants Need Protection



Hook ‘Em With A Quote


Better to see something once than to hear about it 1,000 times.

— Asian proverb

I live by this proverb. How many times do I hear about some place and wonder when will I get there so I can say, I saw what you are talking about, and it was terrific!

That is how I felt about Africa, specifically the Serengeti and seeing rhinos in the wild. I have seen them once…

I loved watching these hippos.

I loved watching these hippos.