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6 Alarm Fire?


“It’s gonna be a six alarm fire”, said the young man standing next to me with camera in hand. “Really?” I said.I was walking a Long Island neighborhood wishing to photograph areas by the canals. Yet soon I found myself amidst people driving toward a fire, flames and dark smoke, with them asking me about the fire. I had no idea, but soon other people told me six houses were burning. Others thought I was like them trying to get close to the fire! It was amazing how many people zero in on an area in flames. They would tell me, we just want to check it out. Others would provide their best guess of what happened and what is happening. Amazing to me since we are all many blocks away!

The young man informed me this fire will be headline TV news tonight, and definitely a 6 alarm. What exactly does that mean? I had to research it. Apparently different fire departments have different guidelines. It is not the number of firehouses responding, but instead the number of companies/units and firefighters. All I can say about today, I saw two helicopters in the air, plenty of fire trucks, rescue squad trucks, and many spectators driving up and down the roads by the canals to find out what was happening. Yet he is probably right, it will be on the news!

I hope everyone is safe! And thank you firefighters for the work you do!



Young Bicyclists Practice A Myriad of Skills in My Interaction with Them!


So anyone who knows me is well aware of my continued interest in being sure young people have opportunities to practice, and learn when needed, their communication skills. I was walking a NC neighborhood the other day to get in my cardio time and to practice my photography.

I arrived at a grassy corner where two young people held a sign advertising bicycle stunts for $2.00. Despite their incorrect notation, I knew their goal and asked if the donation was for them alone. They mentioned it was for the soldiers. We discussed the fact they should write that info on their flyer to encourage others to realize their efforts were for a good cause, and so they did. I further asked if they thought the amount of the donation high, but we agreed if I could practice my photography skills we had a deal.
Off they went to get the appropriate bicycles. Arrival: one bicycle with training wheels so one boy could stand on them to do a wheelie….okay, that was unique! Another bicycle for stunt riding through a bumpy patch with no injuries to person or bicycle, and finally the two boys, each on a bicycle, doing an “X”….debatable, but done!
When I asked to be reminded of our negotiations, the deal was $2 to split with soldiers and then split between the boys. Wait a second, the plan changed? Oh maybe so!
I asked, take a minute, think again, be honest, truly tell me what will happen with my donation. Answer: $2, with $1 to soldiers and $.50 to each boy. Handshake and agreement as one of the mothers took the money to go with the neighborhood summer BBQ “benefit to soldiers”.
Mission accomplished! Always fun interacting with young people and having them practice their communication skills in the real world. (No photos here per my agreement to not photo young people for my blog, unless absolutely necessary, or individuals in a crowd. It is a personal belief I maintain, and besides, it is the story that is most important!)