Beads of Courage


I became aware of Beads of Courage at the March 2018 Banff Film showings in Tucson, Arizona. I will carry the beads on a future bicycling journey and will eventually write about some experiences I had while carrying them in honor of a young person struggling with a serious illness. A bead will be returned with my note so the young person receiving it is reminded to be strong. I will continue to wear my bead to give hope and honor courage. Want to be involved? Check out the website:


Tucson’s 131 Miles of Bicycle Paths


Thanks to Pima County’s efforts there are 131 miles of bicycle path in Tucson and extended to South Tucson, Oro Valley and Marana. In reality it is a multi-use path because you see bicyclists along with walkers, rollerbladers, horseback riders, runners, and people on various pieces of equipment…just saw someone today on something of one wheel with footholds on each side of it!?!

Anyway, today was celebration day at a couple of locations on the loop so great fun seeing everyone outdoors and enjoying the path! Keeps everyone safe and away from vehicular traffic for the majority of the miles. When on the road, there are green painted boxes so bicyclists know where to be and for cars to stay out of those areas.

Let’s keep everyone safe! And have fun too!!

Quiet Side of Grape-growing Time


We all love the grape-growing, crushing, fermenting time especially when new releases of wines are shared, but what happens during the other months? Let’s not forget the work to be done by people who are pruning the vines, cutting the grass and growth between each row of vines, and all the other projects needed for a successful harvest.

What I discovered during this quiet time is an opportunity to talk with more employees about their work at the vineyard and the tasting room; learning more each day about the wine-making process; appreciative of everyone’s work!

Worker at vineyard cutting grass between rows of grapevinesClose up of grape vine

Learn Something New Everyday at the Grand Canyon!


Another beautiful day at the Grand Canyon! Yesterday’s snow is melting under a blue, sunny sky today, yet the canyon continues be with all its grandeur! Wonderful tours are available here: history tour starts at Verkamp’s Store, tour about Emory Kolb’s family and home at Kolb Studio (only offered at winter and limited participants allowed), and geology talk at Yavapai Point geology museum. Always informative talks about this amazing “wonder of the world”. Bumped into a Sedona friend here; it is a small world!

Snow at the Grand Canyon!


I love the canyon in the wintertime, especially when I wake up in the morning and see snow! The walk along the rim provided us with beautiful views, a history hike from Verkamp’s Store and a tour of Kolb Studio while learning about the Kolb family and walking in their home below the Studio/gift shop. (Kolb tour is only in winter and limited to 15 participants per tour.) I hope my photos capture the canyon’s beauty.